About Invinyx Electronics

Invinyx Electronics is a newly formed business aiming to deliver innovative electronic products to the market. Our products would cater for consumers, electronic hobbyists and advanced professionals alike. We also offer a comprehensive electronic design service. Our design service can literally transform your idea into a deliverable product or service. We are a small family owned business located in the serene Mid-Atlantic of the United States.

What we do?

Electronics is our primary focus. Our goal is to produce electronic devices for a broad audience including consumers, electronic hobbyists and engineers and corporations. At Invinyx Electronics, we believe that electronics should be fun and easy to use and our products would reflect that belief.

About me, the founder

I am an Electrical Engineer who has expertise in many sub-disciplines of electrical engineering. Since completing my PhD with a strong focus on theoretical research I shifted more and more into practical aspects of Electrical Engineering. I am passionate about creating products and services that other can use and benefit from. Hence, I founded Invinyx Electronics.

Our Kickstarter Campaign

We launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund our inaugural product PS-1A, which is an adjustable miniature switch mode power supply. Our campaign received an overwhelming support reaching the funding goal in less than five days. We received more than 500% of our initial Kickstarter funding goal.

What is next?

Invinyx Electronics is still at its infancy and hopefully our best days are yet to come. In whatever we do, innovativeness and customer care would be at the core of our business. Our product line and this website will continue to grow and if you didn't find what you looked for please visit us again.