PS-1A Adjustable miniature switch mode DC-DC Regulator

PS-1A is an adjustable switch mode DC-DC regulator that is extremely compact and easy to use. PS-1A combines all the components required for a switch mode DC-DC regulator into a 4-layer PCB. It is breadboard friendly and no external components are required to use it.

PS-1A Product Highlights

Easy to Use

PS-1A does not require any external components. It can be plugged into a breadboard for prototyping.

Compact Size

At 10mm x 15mm it is about the same size as 78xx series linear regulator ICs.


Being a switch mode regulator PS-1A is extremely efficient and can reach efficiencies over 95%.

Adjustable Output

The output voltage of PS-1A can be adjusted by turning a potentiometer.

PS-1A Video Demonstration

PS-1A Frequently Asked Questions

  • What components do I need to use PS-1A?

    Nothing. PS-1A includes everything required for a switch mode DC-DC converter including the filter capacitors at the input and output.

  • Can PS-1A boost voltages?

    PS-1A is a step down or buck converter. Therefore, it does not boost voltage.

  • Does PS-1A require a heat sink?

    Being and efficient switch mode regulator PS-1A does not produce much heat. A large thermal pad in the bottom side of the PCB which is connected to the thermal pad of the controller IC by thermal vias provide a low resistance thermal path to dissipate the limited heat it produces. Therefore, an external heat sink is not required.

  • How can the output of PS-1A be adjusted?

    The output voltage of PS-1A can be adjusted by turning the on-board potentiometer.

  • Is PS-1A an isolated power supply?

    No. Input and output voltages share a common ground.